Fun Profile Picture Ideas

Hey everyone! Today it's Ara posting! Have you ever had a problem where you want a good profile picture (for example, on WordPress), but you can't/don't want to show your face? Well, if so, read on, because I am going to give you some fun profile picture ideas! Idea #1) A Flower or Plant These … Continue reading Fun Profile Picture Ideas


50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag!~Thanks Rosy!

Hello Friends! Today I have a tag for you guys, But first before we get started I would like to thank Rosy For Taging me, You can find her blog Here. Now that we thanked her from the deepest of our hearts, we can get on with the Tag. I'll Do them by the 10's in … Continue reading 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag!~Thanks Rosy!

Check It Out!

Hello...... People? I don't know what We should call you guys... Ops, gals. (Goes to look at followers) Yup, no boy followers. Wow, Girls are like, Invading the blogisvere. ( I did not spell that right but, who Cares right?!) BACK TO THE POINT It would be reallllllyyyyyyy awesome if you guys ( GALS MARY! ITS GALS!) came … Continue reading Check It Out!

Fun Photos

Hello everybody! Y'all may not know me because I am the newest member of JATC! My name is Ara and I blog over at Sparks of Ara. I'm super excited to be posting on JATC, and to introduce myself and bring some fun to the post, I decided to share some fun photography! Also, all … Continue reading Fun Photos